Hyperpigmentation Around The Mouth

Hyperpigmentation or pigmentation around the mouth is a common occurrence, which darkens the mouth area due to the increased production of melanin. Hyperpigmentation isn’t a serious issue from a health perspective but we understand from an aesthetics point of view it can be a serious issue to some. Generally speaking, people with a darker skin complexion are more prone to hyperpigmentation. The reason for this is because melanin in darker skin produces melanin at a higher rate compared to lighter skin complexions.

Hyperpigmentation around the mouth tends to worsen during the summer months. As your skin can get stimulated to create more melanin in your skin, due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Hyperpigmentation Around Mouth Treatment

Hyperpigmentation around the mouth is very common and there are many treatments that are available to treat this skin condition. Understanding the cause of hyperpigmentation around the skin will make it easier to choose the right products to help with the issue.


Exfoliation / Chemical Peels

Acid peels are highly recommended to help treat hyperpigmentation around your mouth. Our Reveal Facial Peel contains glycolic and salicylic acid,  a rejuvenating chemical peel that helps those suffering from dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dull-looking skin.

Skin Brightening Creams & Moisturisers

Skin brightening creams are an effective method of reducing hyperpigmentation or dark areas around the mouth. Our FadeBright Moisturiser is packed with the best ingredients including; Alpha-Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C+E, to gradually brighten and control hyper-pigmentation.

Here at DW Aesthetics, we work directly with pharmacists and beauty professionals to develop a range of products to help with hyperpigmentation. We also offer a one-to-one free 15-minute online skin consultation, to help you in your skincare journey.