How To Do A Patch Test For Skincare Products

What Is A Patch Test?

A patch test is a method of testing if your skin will react to a new skincare product such as moisturisers, cleansers and serums to name a few. It’s a good way for checking for any allergic reactions.

Why Is Patch Testing Important?

Before you start your skincare routine with a new set of skincare products that you’re using for the first time. It is important to do a patch test to avoid the potential severity of an allergic reaction. It allows you to make sure your new skincare products are safe for your skin and that you’re not going to end up with minor redness or painful swelling. 

How To Patch Test

Test the product on small areas such as the slide of the neck, or your inner arm. Test the product for at least 4 days in case there is a delayed reaction. Based on this test it is quite easy to tell if you have had a reaction to the product. Your skin may become red, itchy or covered with a rash. This is an indicator you have had an allergic reaction to the product and it’s recommended you discontinue the product or speak to a skin care consultant. If you haven’t had a reaction on your skin and you’re confident that the product is safe to use, you should be safe to apply it to your face or body, as directed. 

Online Skin Consultation

We offer a free 15-minute online skin consultation if you would like to discuss your acne with a skincare expert. After your skincare consultation, you will be emailed a list of recommended products and regimes to help address your acne.